• GreenTech Committed to Greener, Healthier and Safer Environment
  • Let the waste of the "sick" not contaminate the lives of the "healthy"
  • Let us incinerate hazardous wastes
  • Commitment to zero discharge
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Future Plan

Our company provides service to all Health Care Establishments (HCEs) like Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers, Laboratories, Eye Clinics, Dental Clinics, Doctor's Chambers etc in India and proposes to set up similar facilities and provide similar services to the health care establishments in other states of India.

We are already in touch with a number of state governments in India which are still lacking in adequate infrastructure for Biomedical Waste Management as per set standards.
We are also contemplating setting up similar BMWTFs in Middle East and South East Asian nations as per set standards in near future.
In near future we plan to extend our business model to management of Solid Waste, E-Waste, Industrial Wastes, Other Hazardous Wastes and Central Effluent Treatment Plants.